- Company Emerging as Leading IT Supplier in Vertical Market -

Sydney, Australia, May 4, 2011 — CargoWise®, a global leader in unified platform software for logistics service providers (LSPs), reports a significant expansion in its customer base over the past 12 months. CargoWise solutions are now being used by more than 65,000 users across a customer community of more than 3,500 businesses in 65+ countries.

“These results confirm our position in the market as the #1 choice of logistics service providers,” said CargoWise CEO Richard White. “Our ediEnterprise platform has gained huge momentum; we have increased our total license base more than 20 percent in the last six months. That enormous growth rate is a clear indicator that customers are recognizing the importance of a global unified platform and its impact on their business performance and growth.”

White continued: “Our flexible ‘absolutely no up-front cost and everything included’ on demand license model, tailored to modern customers both large and small, gives us a unique advantage in the logistics market. By taking all the upfront risks on ourselves and delivering quickly on implementations, we are setting new benchmarks in license delivery and value with more than 25+ new live customers per month on average over the last six months.”

White also affirmed current planning and future investment plans, saying: “Our customers and the market should know that we are planning to take this success premium and invest in expanded product enhancement and innovation. We have increased our development budget for the next period by an additional $28M USD, which will allow us to extend product development across new projects and initiatives. CargoWise will continue to drive innovation and redefine the benchmarks and capabilities for unified global logistics software.”


CargoWise is a globally renowned technology provider that delivers an innovative, single platform solution to improve customers’ visibility, efficiency, quality of service and profitability. It provides dynamic and efficient solutions for logistics service providers focused on effortless supply chain execution capability in an integrated globally capable enterprise system.

Every day, 3,500 logistics service providers, consisting of 65,000 users in 65 countries, move goods through the global supply chain using CargoWise's ediEnterprise system, a powerful and feature rich software solution developed to meet the ever-changing needs of the logistics industry. CargoWise offers the only single platform supply chain logistics management system that provides integration across all departments and functionality for domestic, regional and global customers. Headquartered in Australia, the US and UK, the Company operates worldwide from offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia. More information on CargoWise can be found at www.cargowise.com

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