CHAMP Cargosystems, a leading provider of IT solutions to over 85 airlines and 200 customers worldwide, including GHAs, GSAs and freight forwarders, has joined Cargo 2000 to help drive improvements in the delivery of quality air cargo services and the move to a secure paper-free environment. James Fernandez, VP Sales & Marketing said: “CHAMP has enjoyed a long association with Cargo 2000 (C2K) and has been operating a C2K Data Management Platform (CDMP) exclusively for a major carrier for many years. By joining Cargo 2000, CHAMP will now be able to fully contribute to the programme not only by providing a range of C2K compliant solutions, but by supporting our customers through participation in a unique group within the industry.

“This is a significant milestone for CHAMP and our customers. Cargo 2000 is the recognized quality standard for air cargo and as a key IT service provider we will be able to extend our involvement and solutions to ensure that the C2K standard is a key component throughout our portfolio. We are proud to be joining such an influential group and look forward to our full participation’.

Lothar Moehle, Cargo 2000’s Regional Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, added: “The success of Cargo 2000 is largely based on the ability of IT systems to efficiently manage our members’ air cargo processes. CHAMP is an important addition to our membership and we are confident that their commitment and continued support will help to attract more members to our group as companies see their IT suppliers providing proven and timely solutions that support everything they need to implement Cargo 2000’s quality management system.”

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