Global Expansion Covering 22 Countries Powered by Kewill Forwarding

May 4, 2011 - Guildford, UK  Kewill (- Kewill (LSE: KWL), a leading provider of global trade and logistics software, today announced that Crane Worldwide Logistics has reached another milestone in their aggressive growth plans to become the premiere logistics service provider. The company was founded in 2008 and has grown aggressively to over a quarter of a Billion dollars in turnover ($252M), with the goal of exceeding half a Billion ($600M) by 2012. 

Crane Worldwide Logistics is committed to developing and implementing supply chain solutions that will greatly enhance their customers’ competitiveness in this ever-changing global arena and Kewill Forwarding is the key platform on which this success is built.
“Our growth is based on leveraging the best technology to deliver more customized services allowing our customers to be more competitive,” said John Magee, CEO of Crane Worldwide. “Kewill’s technology and their global presence have been critical in supporting our growth. We work with their teams in the US, Asia, and Europe, where the local domain expertise has been a significant addition to the technology.”

“When we launched Kewill Forwarding globally we were looking for the most leading edge customers who we could partner with to drive this market forward,” said Paul Nichols, CEO of Kewill. “The pace and growth of Crane Worldwide has strengthened our product and success, and we look forward to continued growth with Crane and their customers.”
Crane Worldwide continues to expand, opening its 62nd office in Dubai in December 2010.  Crane now holds offices in 22 countries around the world and anticipates opening 10-12 offices, including ones in South Africa, Canada, and Belgium in 2011 as they continue their goal of being the best in class global, mid-size player in the logistics industry. 

About Kewill Plc:

Kewill delivers solutions that simplify global trade and logistics.

Global businesses face ever increasing complexity across their supply chains including decisions on sourcing, customs, compliance, transportation, storage, finance, visibility and connectivity.  Inefficiency in any of these areas will lead to supply chain delays and result in increased costs.  Kewill has a suite of software solutions that significantly simplify the management of the most complex global supply chains for enterprises and logistics service providers. 

With over 35 years experience in global trade management and logistics, and over 600 employees worldwide, Kewill is a long-time innovator of solutions for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, freight forwarders, transport companies, customs brokers, 3PLs and 4PLs, as well as other related institutions involved in financing and underwriting global trade such as banks and insurance providers.

Kewill’s solutions are in daily use by more than 40,000 users worldwide and our global customer base which entrusts us with the management of their supply networks includes divisions of Bayer, Caterpillar, DHL, FedEx, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, H.J. Heinz, Kimberley-Clark, Kraft, Levi Strauss, Mazda, Nestlé, Nike, Palm, Procter & Gamble, Smith & Nephew, Sony, TNT, Unilever, UPS, Vodafone, Yamaha, Xerox.

About Crane Worldwide

Founded in 2008, Crane Worldwide Logistics combines a wealth of industry experience with cutting edge technology to enhance their customer’s competitiveness in an ever changing global arena.  Guided by their five value propositions; People, Account Management, Compliance & Quality Programs, Information Technology, and Service, Crane Worldwide is dedicated to becoming the industry’s premier global provider of customized transportation and logistics services by delivering innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions.  Crane Worldwide’s solutions create strategic value and a competitive edge for their global customers while providing a challenging and rewarding work environment for their greatest asset, Crane Worldwide employees. For more information about Crane Worldwide, please visit

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