WATERLOO, Ontario- October 15, 2009 - Descartes Systems Group, a federated global logistics network solutions provider, announced its participation as a member of SAP’s industry value network (IVN) for travel and logistics. 

SAP’s industry value networks work closely with leading independent technology vendors, systems integrators and customers to identify and propose solutions for priority industry needs and opportunities.

The SAP IVN for travel and logistics services brings together leading solutions providers focused on driving increased collaboration between its members, and streamlining integration and co-innovation to help improve the productivity and performance of logistics-intensive organizations’ operations.

“SAP’s IVN is a community-based approach to solving complicated logistics problems for customers. Our membership is a natural extension of our Global Logistics Network and ‘United-by-Design’ program, which is geared to creating a global ecosystem of logistics-intensive organizations working together to standardize and automate business processes and manage resources in motion,” said Art Mesher, CEO at Descartes. “Our customers want collaboration and integration among their technology providers to accelerate the results they achieve. Our customers have formed Descartes SAP working groups as a catalyst to this integration, and we have joined the SAP IVN program as part of our support for what our customers want to achieve.”

Descartes’ 'United By Design' program centers around Descartes' open standard collaborative interfaces (Open SCIs) - a wide variety of connectivity mechanisms to integrate a broad spectrum of applications and services. Descartes’ Global Logistics Network™ (GLN) interconnects over 20,000 parties in more than 130 countries and enables transportation providers to reliably exchange information to drive delivery performance and high levels of customer satisfaction. The Descartes GLN helps companies better manage their multi-party logistics processes, including their book-to-bill process, tracking inventory, meeting regulatory requirements, optimizing fleet performance, and effectively communicating with their logistics partners.

About Descartes

Descartes (TSX: DSG) (NASDAQ: DSGX), is making the world a better place by enabling global organizations with logistics-intensive businesses to save money by improving the productivity and performance of their operations. Underlying Descartes’ offerings is the Descartes Global Logistics Network (GLN), one of the world’s most extensive multi-modal business applications network. As a federated platform, the Descartes GLN combines with component-based ‘nano’ sized applications to provide messaging services between logistics trading partners, shipment management services to help manage third party carriers and private fleet management services for organizations of all sizes. Descartes’ solutions and services deliver results by enabling organizations around the world to reduce administrative costs, billing cycles, fleet size, contract carrier costs, and mileage driven; improve pickup and delivery reliability; and optimize working capital through fleet visibility.  Descartes’ hosted, transactional and packaged solutions deliver repeatable, measurable results and fast time-to-value.  Descartes customers include an estimated 1,600 ground carriers and more than 90 airlines, 30 ocean carriers, 900 freight forwarders and third-party providers of logistics services, and hundreds of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, private fleet owners and regulatory agencies.  The company has more than 450 employees and is based in Waterloo, Ontario, with operations in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Montreal, Miami, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Derby, London, Stockholm, Shanghai, and Toronto. For more information, visit www.descartes.com.

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