Fikes Owner/Operators Enhance Compliance and Earn More Money

HOPE, AR & NEW PLYMOUTH, ID – FEBRUARY 7, 2011– Fikes Truck Line has partnered with uDrove® LLC, which provides electronic hours of service solutions and paperwork replacement programs for the
transportation industry, to offer a special incentive program for its owner/operators. Fikes is offering all owner/operators a special 1% pay increase for using the uDrove system.

uDrove uses the functionality of a smart phone to provide a simple and easy to use tool for keeping electronic driver logs, tracking mileage for tax purposes, recording fuel and business expenses, and completing DVIRs. In addition, it provides the corporate office real-time visibility to driver paperwork.

“We know change is coming to electronic logs and paperwork. We have the choice to wait until it’s a law or get ahead of the curve,” said Gary Salisbury, President, Fikes Truck Line. “I personally use uDrove and see how well it will work for our owner/operators. The solution is simple and easy to use and based on my personal experience, I know it will save our owner/operators both time and money.”

“uDrove saves our owner/operator customers significant time in completing daily driver logs, inspection reports and managing expenses and receipts,” said Joel McGinley, president of uDrove. “Current customers
report saving 30-60 minutes a day by using the uDrove smart phone application.”

uDrove supports Android™, BlackBerry® and iPhone® smart phones from various manufacturers and wireless providers. A complete compatible phones list is posted on the uDrove web site.

How to Get Started
Fikes owner/operators are encouraged to sign up for uDrove by May 1st and start earning 1% more on their payroll through December 31, 2011. To sign up, contact Frankie Fitzhugh at 800-643-6448 x1705 or call uDrove at 888-983-7683. All Fikes owner/operators need to provide is their name, phone number and email address. Plus, training is readily available.

About Fikes Truck Line
Fikes Truck Line and their sister company FTL Logistic offer coast-to-coast transportation services specializing in flatbed, heavy haul and van. For more information visit or call 1-800-643-6611.

About uDrove
uDrove is a business and compliance management tool for the long-haul trucking industry. It harnesses the power, accessibility and portability of a smart phone to replace piles of in-cab paperwork with a simple, easy to use phone application. uDrove is compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smart phones. For more information about uDrove, visit: or call 888-983-7683.

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