Diverse worldwide logistics businesses to increase integration and operational efficiency through leading single platform supply chain software      

Sydney, Australia, November 25, 2013  - Four specialist logistics networks catering to the unique requirements of the supply chain have partnered with CargoWise, a move that will strengthen operations and increase network-wide integration. The diverse networks have chosen CargoWise’s leading supply chain software as the single platform system to help achieve their shared goal of promoting global growth throughout their members’ operations.

The networks set to benefit from the partnership are: AerOceaNetwork (international logistics companies and independent freight forwarders), XLProjects (independent project forwarders and break bulk charterers), Perishable Logistics Specialists Network (PLSN) (cool and cold chain logistics specialists) and AONrelocations (independently owned moving companies specializing in international removals).

Looking for new ways to facilitate business between members, each network identified CargoWise as the solution for improving inter-network communication and efficiency. Through joining the WiseIndustry Partner program, the networks will capitalize on CargoWise’s integration and data sharing capabilities, giving their members a platform from which to compete effectively with large multinationals.

The resulting improvements in visibility, automated data exchange, levels of service and geographical reach will increase the productivity capabilities of individual members, ultimately strengthening each network as a whole.

“CargoWise offers the opportunity to bring together businesses from around the globe and tie them all together,” says Daniel Bateman of the networks’ management company, AIN (advancedinternational.biz). “We have four distinct and very different networks with nearly three hundred members in every inhabited region of the earth. If you start to add all of our members’ customers, you can see we have a lot to tie together. CargoWise allows all of our clients to work cohesively as a unit: its tools are efficient, cost effective and available twenty-four hours per day to any of our members.

“CargoWise is top of its class. There aren’t many software companies serving the international logistics community that can compete in the breadth and depth of its services. We want to do whatever it takes to help our many members around the world grow their business, and a strategic partnership with CargoWise enables us to do this in ways we’d never been able to before. We look forward to a long relationship with CargoWise. I’m sure our many members around the world will too.”

Vlad Bilanovsky, CargoWise Vice President of Partner Management, reveals just how important integration is for networks of independent logistics companies to stay competitive with multinational organizations.

“Multinational freight forwarders have integrated systems across key locations to provide global visibility, high levels of customer service and lower operational/administrative costs; therefore creating better margins. Agent networks typically have more comprehensive global coverage than multinationals, but because network members don’t have integrated systems, they often struggle to provide similar levels of visibility and service, and operational costs are much higher. With increasing consolidation in the industry, freight forwarders must continue to seek ways to stay competitive.

“These four networks will now have the supply chain integration they need through CargoWise. The strength, flexibility and diversity of our product capabilities will enable any specialized network or logistics business to move to the next level of operational productivity and customer service.”

For more information on CargoWise’s partner programs, visit www.cargowise.com/Company/PartnerProgram

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