Real-time Sensing To Prevent Spoilage and Loss of Cargo

May 31 2011. Austin, Texas – FreightWatch International, the leading logistics security services provider, announced today it is offering real-time temperature monitoring service in conjunction with its suite of cargo monitoring capabilities.

“Temperature monitoring is an integral part of the complete layered security solution, which provides clients with real-time information in the event their shipment becomes compromised by out of bounds temperature or humidity readings,” said to Barry Conlon, CEO of FreightWatch. “By adding these new capabilities, our clients are immediately alerted to ambient temperature changes, which expose susceptible freight to spoilage or contamination.”

The temperature capabilities are an add-on option to the state-of-the-art tracking device, the FreightWatch Geo F2 Tracker. Also known to pharmaceutical and food/beverage clients as the “Pill Bottle Tracker,” it can be covertly placed within a pill bottle for theft recovery or diversion visibility.

In the event of a temperature exception outside a specified range, clients are notified immediately by the FreightWatch Command & Control Center, enabling immediate corrective action. This approach varies greatly from other market offerings which report after the shipment is delivered, and do not afford the ability to correct problems in real time. The Geo F2 Tracker has the capability to monitor temperatures in ranges from -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) which is ideal for companies transporting goods requiring normal refrigerated temperature ranges to maintain product integrity.

FreightWatch International is the world leader in logistics security services, offering the only active monitoring solutions that provide organizations with complete cargo visibility from origin to destination. Using our solutions, organizations can mitigate the risks associated with theft, spoilage, counterfeiting and more. A complete inter-modal offering including cross border solutions, FreightWatch International allows companies to improve freight security and visibility from dock to stock, enabling them to streamline inventories, lower insurance premiums and reduce the impact of tainted or stolen goods entering the marketplace—all while protecting their brand value.

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