WMS upgrade delivers increased functionality and flexibility to support retailer’s future growth plans

NIEUWEGEIN and ATLANTA – February 10, 2010 – Hoogenbosch Retail Group has upgraded its existing Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) to take advantage of enhanced functionality and flexibility within Manhattan’s latest solution release. Hoogenbosch has a portfolio of more than 240 stores in the Netherlands. Its retail brands include well-known shoe stores Dolcis, Manfield, Invito and PRO Sport. After choosing Manhattan Associates as its supply chain partner in 2002, Hoogenbosch chose to extend its faith in Manhattan by upgrading to the latest version of its software which, with enhanced functionality that meets the unique requirements of the apparel and footwear industry, will enable Hoogenbosch to further optimise its business. Hoogenbosch serves its extensive network of stores from a central distribution center in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Manhattan Associates made an assessment of Hoogenbosch’s evolved operational processes and then sought to identify an optimal system configuration to support those processes before configuring the new system accordingly. The runtime of the upgrade project lasted four months and the actual deployment went very smoothly. For Hoogenbosch, the configurability and scalability of the system is considered a crucial value-adding component to support the company’s future growth plans. New capabilities like cross docking, e-commerce, paperless voice picking and multi-channel management are planned to be integrated into the WMS system in the near future, offering Hoogenbosch the opportunity to better meet the needs of the retailer’s customers.

“Since the implementation of Manhattan Associates’ WMS, the solution has been extremely reliable but we made the decision to upgrade so we could take advantage of new functionality and a greater degree of flexibility available in the new release,” says Cees de Kort, IT and Logistics Manager at Hoogenbosch Retail Group. “Manhattan Associates’ expertise and innovative culture has been a huge contributory factor in helping us to further optimise our supply chain capabilities. We can rely on them as a business partner and the local Manhattan team really show added value for our company.”

“We are really proud of the strong relationship we have with the team at Hoogenbosch. The success we’ve had at Hoogenbosch is testament to the strength of our solutions in serving the global apparel industry and meeting the specific needs of retailers,” explains Pieter Van den Broecke, managing director, Central-Europe, at Manhattan Associates. “With this upgrade, Hoogenbosch has extended its faith in Manhattan Associates as a strategic business partner. We look forward to supporting the company in its pursuit of its business goals and to playing our part in facilitating Hoogenbosch’s future growth.”

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