Wireless technology experts team up to deliver remote real-time control solutions for refrigerated container operations in ports and terminals

LUSTENAU, AUSTRIA – 15.08.2013 IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG announced today that it has entered into a multi-year global strategic alliance with WAM Technologies LLC, a new technology division of Mark-It Services. Having pioneered the development of low-power, long-range active RFID technology, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is now a global provider of real-time wireless identification, locating and monitoring solutions to the marine and industrial sectors. Mark-It Services is a global supplier of protection services for refrigerated cargo, refrigerated containers and related assets throughout the intermodal cold chain.

The new business alliance will merge IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ market expertise with WAM Technologies’ patented refrigerated container interface technology, integrating it with IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ reefer-mountable RFID tags. For the past five years, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS and WAM have been partnering to deliver successful reefer monitoring solutions to major container terminals and port authorities around the world. This new agreement will greatly expand the capabilities of the system and allow IDENTEC SOLUTIONS to customize the WAM software and functionality to meet the requirements of its port and terminal customers.

“We are very excited to have a formal strategic alliance with IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, which has been a trusted working partner for over five years. The innovative synergies between the two companies bring together complementary skills, knowledge and resources in new ways. Mark-It Services and IDENTEC SOLUTIONS are a perfect fit to develop an all-inclusive reefer monitoring solution that ports and terminal operators have been waiting for quite a while,” commented Mark Heck, CEO at Mark-It Services.

Parvez Mansuri, CIO of WAM Technologies added: “Integrating IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ extensive sales force, global footprint and technical expertise in RFID with Mark-It Services’ specialization in all aspects of the cold asset supply chain make us the preferred choice for remote reefer monitoring solutions. Among the prime advantages of this alliance for both Mark-It and IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is the opportunity to focus on developing new feature-rich solutions that will make reefer issues in container terminals a thing of the past.”

“Our focus at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Ports & Terminals is to help clients improve operational efficiency, safety and security through adoption of advanced process automation and asset management technologies,” said Michael Dempsey, GM Ports & Terminals at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. “We are very pleased to partner with WAM Technologies to deliver new solutions that specifically address the complex demands of reefer container management in ports and terminals.”

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