- INTTRA Automatch simplifies and accelerates the invoice dispute identification and initiation process -

Parsippany, NJ, August 1, 2011 - INTTRA, the leading provider of e-commerce solutions for the ocean freight industry, has developed the industry's first automated invoice comparison and dispute initiation system, INTTRA Automatch.  Available with INTTRA eInvoice, the electronic invoice presentment and dispute management product, Automatch eliminates the need for manual invoice verification.  INTTRA Automatch identifies and initiates invoice disputes automatically using configurable business rules established by the shipper.

Through its many contacts and conversations with industry leaders, INTTRA learned that at least 25% of all invoices in the ocean freight industry are disputed.  In addition, companies are spending hours and potentially hundreds of dollars per invoice to manually process invoices to detect discrepancies, and initiate and manage the dispute.  INTTRA Automatch makes the process nearly instantaneous, reducing dispute management costs and increasing accuracy and transparency to the shipping partners.

INTTRA Automatch works with the existing INTTRA eInvoice dispute management module to match carrier invoices to shipper freight estimates.  INTTRA Automatch completes a line-by-line analysis based on customizable, flexible business rules the shipper establishes.  These business rules are used to determine if an invoice dispute should be initiated.  If an invoice dispute is determined appropriate, an immediate notification is provided to the carrier and appropriate individual/department in the shipper's organization.  If the invoice does not need to be disputed, it is processed according to the shipper's established procedures.  By automating the dispute detection and initiation process, shipping partners can benefit from reduced costs, shortened payment schedules, increased cash flow, quicker dispute acknowledgement and resolution, as well as increased transparency into discrepancy root causes.

"Once again, INTTRA recognized the opportunity to make the industry more efficient and has addressed the challenge of finding a more streamlined invoice dispute management process," said Ivan Latanision, senior vice president, product management at INTTRA.  "INTTRA Automatch addresses this challenge by decreasing the time and money invested in freight settlement, helps increase cash flow and strengthens the relationship between logistics providers and their customers."

To learn more about INTTRA eInvoice and Automatch, please visit http://www.inttra.com/eInvoice.


INTTRA is a leading global provider of e-commerce solutions to the ocean freight industry. INTTRA professionals work with over 30 leading carriers and their customers to streamline and standardize their shipping processes worldwide through a network of more than 25,000 corporate locations. Over 450,000 container orders are initiated on the INTTRA platform each week, representing more than 14 percent of global ocean container trade.

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