Guildford, UK, 24 November 2009 – Kewill (LSE: KWL), a leading provider of solutions that simplify global trade and logistics, is making global trade even easier for its customers, with the integration of Sage ACCPAC Financials to Kewill’s Forwarding Solution.

The Sage ACCPAC integration will deliver forwarders with an industry standard solution. Users will save resources and money, as data will no longer have to be entered into two separate systems - information entered into the operational system is automatically transferred to the financial system.  This also means that there is only one version of data within the business, crucial for informed decision making.  Processes are streamlined as data is no longer duplicated.

Ritu Rooney, Global Product Manager for Kewill Forwarding, said, “The integration delivers a very powerful solution.  Other forwarding solutions have limited financials within their systems, which don’t have the capability to address the requirements of global forwarders.  With the Kewill solution, users can enjoy the combination of a best of breed forwarding solution, with a market leading financial package.  We decided to integrate with the Sage system, as it really is the best match for the Kewill business.  It’s a globally supported solution, with worldwide deployments and a clear product development roadmap.”

Productivity is boosted, as data only needs to be entered into the system once, rather than in duplicate, and user errors are also reduced.  Forwarders will be able to bring new customers on board more quickly, which will in turn make their proposition more attractive to new clients, as this will speed up the transit of goods.  Rooney continued, “Forwarders can look forward to greater operational flexibility and control.  All information is shared, and this enhanced visibility will enable operatives to see exactly what is going on in their business; for example, checking if a customer is up to date on payment before booking in a new job.”

Rooney continued, “The upgrades to Kewill Forwarding will greatly increase the Service Level Agreements that forwarders can offer their clients.  As demands grow on forwarders for customer service requirements, the enhanced solution will enable our customers to meet these challenges.”

Additional enhancements include the Document Packet tool, which allows the user to define which documents to group together to send in a ‘bundle’ to clients or partners, rather than having to go through one by one.  The automated process removes the reliance on the user to remember to send out relevant paperwork. The Autoresponder tool allows users to manage automatic scheduling of ‘follow-on activities’.  Operatives can define the services to be triggered after a certain milestone has been completed.  Alerts can be set for each milestone, which act as a trigger for the next action, and these can also be sent to the customer to inform them of the progress of the delivery.

Evan Puzey, Chief Marketing Officer, Kewill, commented, “Real productivity gains can be realised by the automation of these functions.  Users may want to set an automatic update of the Workflow status when a job has reached the confirmed status. This may then trigger an e-mail to a client or export of data via electronic data interchange.  The process will provide dramatic boosts in efficiency.”

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