Holland, Mich., December 1, 2009 — LeanLogistics, a global leader in innovative SaaS transportation technology and supply chain services, announced today the introduction of GreenLanes™, a transportation and freight optimization program designed to improve sustainability and reduce empty miles for shippers and carriers across the U.S.

While freight consolidation programs make efforts to optimize individual shipments, few organizations have the network volume to address lane efficiency, with the ability to optimize multiple shipper demands across multiple carrier capacities. The LeanLogistics transportation cloud, however, empowers the highest level of collaboration.

The propriety algorithms within LeanLogistics On-Demand TMS®, together with dynamic supply and demand data from 32,000+ users and 7,000+ carriers, give GreenLanes members, including Diageo, CHEP, and Chiquita, preferred buy/sell positions relative to market activity. Using massively parallelized rules-based modeling, LeanLogistics transportation managers determine opportunities for round trips, continuous moves and Fractional Dedicated Truckload. Through an engineered solution using benchmarking network-wide coverage, rates, and performance, shippers obtain the best possible service and value from carriers, while carriers operate at optimum capacity. In most cases there is a reduction of empty miles from 15% to 20% down to 3% to 5%. This benefits both shipper and carrier through this unique unbiased model.

“GreenLanes goes well beyond traditional freight consolidation,” said Dan Dershem, CEO and President, LeanLogistics. “We are able to indentify, even predict, opportunities for lane and load optimization, making the best use of available assets, which in turn reduces carbon footprint. This is a sustainable program for shippers and carriers.”

Available to all LeanLogistics clients, GreenLanes™ is designed to deliver both financial and environmental benefits to LeanLogistics shipper and carrier members, and to help mitigate the market turmoil created by shifting freight volumes and available capacity. As a SmartWaySM partner, LeanLogistics is committed to improving energy efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, greenhouse gases and air pollutant emissions. For more information about GreenLanes™, or other services offered by LeanLogistics please visit www.LeanLogistics.com.

LeanLogistics is a global leader in SaaS on-demand transportation technology and supply chain services.

LeanLogistics On-Demand TMS® delivers complete transportation planning, execution, settlement, and procurement functions that improve business processes, increase operating efficiency, and reduce costs. On-Demand TMS® currently processes millions of shipments per year representing over $5 billion in annual freight spend. Across this largest transportation network, more than 32,000 shippers, suppliers and trading partners interact with over 5,000 carriers, processing millions of transactions.

For companies outsourcing their transportation management process, LeanLogistics provides Supply Chain Services, combining the power of the On-Demand TMS® network, software as a service, and best practices to ensure clients receive maximum value.

LeanLogistics is consistently ranked among top logistics solutions providers and has won numerous awards for customer service. Clients include Proctor & Gamble, Barilla America, Meijer, Ace Hardware, Otis Spunkmeyer, Pinnacle Foods, Rich Products, and Unilever.

LeanLogistics was founded in 1999 by logistics and transportation executives with a shared vision of leveraging web-based technologies to optimize supply chain processes. Headquartered in Holland, MI, LeanLogistics is a Brambles Company. For additional information, visit http://www.LeanLogistics.com or call 616.738.6400.

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