Extended Enterprise Management first solution to leverage map-based technology for supply chain visibility

ATLANTA —August 10, 2009 — Supply chain visibility is a critical need for any company with a thriving ecosystem of global vendors and partners. Visibility solutions offer real-time intelligence to help monitor shipments, deliveries, overseas purchases and all other vital links in the supply chain. With FieldVision, Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) takes the term "visibility" literally, giving customers the ability to actually see orders, shipments and inventory, while in process, using map-based technology.


FieldVision, offered within Manhattan's Extended Enterprise Management (EEM) solution, leverages technology from Microsoft Bing to provide a bird's-eye view of the products and facilities within the supply chain network through real-time visual mapping—adding a geospatial context to the rich logistics data provided by EEM. FieldVision technology supplies the visual element of a Supply Chain Command Center for customers, a vision first presented by Manhattan Associates at Momentum 2008—www.manh.com/library/smartgear.

"FieldVision enables Manhattan to provide interactive visibility to its EEM customers, giving them unprecedented capabilities in visualizing and reacting to unexpected events within the supply chain," said Eddie Capel, executive vice president, Global Operations, Manhattan Associates. "FieldVision enables customers to actually see up-to-the-minute status of orders and shipments around the globe, both within their facilities as well as their external trading partners."

Manhattan Associates' EEM is designed to connect companies with trading partners and customers by integrating existing technologies—including supply chain intelligence and RFID—to provide the overarching visibility and immediate event management capabilities required to immediately interpret global trends and gain real-time insight into the pulse of the supply chain ecosystem.

Capabilities of Manhattan's Extended Enterprise Management include:

• End-to-end visibility of orders, shipments and inventory from sourcing to cargo delivery;
• A single, consistent, real-time view of your entire global supply chain for greater inventory control and optimal fulfillment channels;
• Ability to track and monitor supply chain events in real time and respond immediately based on alerts to critical exception events, which may threaten your ability to meet customer commitments;
• A centralized, browser-based solution allowing customers to manage order fulfillment and automate communications with customers;
• Light warehousing capabilities for hub and cross-dock facilities to receive and ship goods.
About Manhattan Associates, Inc.
Manhattan Associates® continues to deliver on its 19-year heritage of providing global supply chain excellence to more than 1,200 customers worldwide that consider supply chain optimization core to their strategic market leadership. The company's supply chain innovations include: Manhattan SCOPE®, a portfolio of software solutions and technology that leverages a Supply Chain Process Platform to help organizations optimise their supply chains from planning through execution; Manhattan ILS™, a portfolio of distribution management and transportation management solutions built on Microsoft® .NET technology; and Manhattan Carrier™, a suite of supply chain solutions specifically addressing the needs of the motor carrier industry. For more information, please visit www.manh.com.

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