Manhattan Associates supply chain solutions deliver platform for facilitating growth, maximizing operational efficiency and optimizing supply chain performance

SHANGHAI and ATLANTA – May 3, 2011 – Global supply chain optimization provider, Manhattan Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced continued momentum in China with a series of successful go-lives completed in recent months at the sites of key customers operating in a range of industry segments in the market. Shenzhen Easttop Supply Chain Management Ltd, Sinopharm Group, Guangzhou Fengshen Logistics (FSL) and Better Life Commercial Chain Share Co Ltd (BuBuGao) have successfully completed implementations of various components of Manhattan's supply chain solution platforms, Manhattan SCOPE® and Manhattan SCALE™.

As the Chinese economy continues to grow rapidly, there has been an increase in the adoption of advanced supply chain optimization applications as companies seek to gain control of their extended supply chain, improve supply chain performance and maximize overall business competitiveness. Specifically, with Manhattan's solutions, companies attain greater visibility across their supply chain, optimize inventory allocation, drive out process inefficiencies, improve productivity across their distribution operations, streamline the entire order fulfilment process across multiple channels and enhance service levels provided to customers.

Arnold Consengco, Manhattan Associates' managing director, North Asia, commented, "Over the last year we've seen a rapid adoption of our supply chain optimization solutions in China. The uptick in demand is coming from companies operating in the retail and logistics industries in particular, as companies seek ways to fulfil the growing consumer needs of an increasingly affluent population."

Sinopharm strengthens its leadership position Sinopharm Medicine Holdings, China's largest pharmaceuticals distributor with business operations serving the whole of China, recently upgraded its logistics systems infrastructure to recent versions of Manhattan's supply chain technologies including Manhattan SCALE and the Warehouse Management component of Manhattan SCOPE. Sinopharm started using Manhattan's solutions in 2006 in its highly automated distribution centre in Shanghai. Manhattan's systems have subsequently been rolled out to multiple distributioncenters across China as part of its strategic goal to achieve integrated supply chain management and execution to facilitate the company's future growth.

Sinopharm today benefits from a comprehensive suite of supply chain solution functionality that also includes Labor Management, which offers a 'heel-to-toe' time tracking capability so that productive and non-productive time can be tracked for every employee on the warehouse floor. Manhattan's solutions have become a critical component of the company's success, enabling it to grow and compete in a highly competitive market.

Better Life Commercial Chain Share Co Ltd (BuBuGao) improves supply chain efficiencyBuBuGao, a rapidly growing, leading operator of supermarkets and department stores focused on the wholesale and retail of grocery products and household electrical appliances, implemented the Warehouse Management component of Manhattan SCOPE to improve supply chain efficiency and data integrity. Manhattan's Warehouse Management solution has provided a single, secure system platform that simultaneously shares and consolidates data across warehouses, suppliers and retail outlets. It enabled BuBuGao to replace its legacy systems with an automated centralized platform that optimizes its entire replenishment process by automating time-consuming steps such as order preparation, stock checking and data analysis.

Shenzhen Easttop Supply Chain Management goes for growthShenzhen Easttop Supply Chain Management is one of China's leading integrated supply chain service providers and specialises in providing logistics solutions to companies importing goods into Mainland China. Shenzhen Easttop wanted to develop its supply chain technology infrastructure in order to increase the efficiency of its distribution operation and scale its business in response to growing customer demand. The company chose to upgrade to the latest version of Manhattan SCALE to benefit from the enhanced capabilities it offers.

With Manhattan's technology, Shenzhen Easttop has seen a number of tangible benefits including more efficient order processing and improved visibility of inventory across its supply chain which in turn helps the company to answer specific customer enquiries on delivery status.

Guangzhou Fengshen Logistics optimizes service levelsGuangzhou Fengshen Logistics (FSL) is focused on the automotive logistics sector and provides services to assist companies in every part of the supply chain. It is engaged in procurement logistics, production and manufacturing logistics, automobile storage, and just-in-time delivery and distribution. FSL developed standardized operational processes but lacked the technology to really optimize activities, thus impacting inventory and service levels. Manhattan's solutions have helped address this and FSL now has a truly optimized storage operation.

With the Warehouse Management component of Manhattan SCOPE deployed at its inbound logistics centers in Wuhan and Zhengzhou, the company now has a more efficient storage management system, can effectively track container movements and has better visibility of supply chain data for more informed decision-making. Furthermore, FSL has increased inventory accuracy and operational efficiency and can deliver products faster while dealing with multiple suppliers, warehouses and customers.

Consengco concluded, "We are delighted with the success of these recent projects, and owe a lot to our extremely hard working employees who are dedicated to working closely with Manhattan customers in the market to help them maximize the return on their investment with us. Our success in China is a result of our strong local presence and the experience of our staff both locally and globally, as well as our post sales support and commitment to delivering the most innovative and constantly evolving solutions."

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