LONDON and ATLANTA – July 26, 2011 – Manhattan Associates, Inc (NASDAQ: MANH), the global supply chain optimization provider, today announced the launch of its ‘Platform Thinking’ approach in key markets within Europe. In the face of growing complexity and the ever-increasing number of factors that affect a company’s ability to manage and optimize the supply chain, the breakthrough capabilities enabled by a platform-based approach allow customers to create flexible and agile supply chains at a lower cost of technology ownership.

Across Europe, companies clearly see the need for greater agility and efficiency in their supply chains. The number of ‘impossible to predict’ supply chain scenarios range from anticipating consumer behavior in an on-line economy, understanding the full impact of social media on commerce, and responding to natural disasters that result in supply shocks and transportation failures. Additionally, the ‘difficult to predict’ supply chain impacts, such as future raw materials and fuel costs, government regulation, weather patterns or the success of a promotion all contribute to the clear need for agility and lower total cost. Before now, most supply chains were not designed to deal with the high levels of complexity and unpredictability.

With Manhattan’s platform-based approach that utilizes a common business and technology base for all functions, organizations not only improve the level of agility and visibility that they have across their supply chains, but they also can tailor specific Manhattan solutions to fit their specific industry, size of their challenge and the scale of their business.

At the heart of ‘Platform Thinking’ is Manhattan’s Supply Chain Process Platform, a single shared application architecture for all applications in the Manhattan SCOPE® portfolio of supply chain solutions. Unlike solution assemblies with disparate technology stacks and excessive interfaces, or traditional solution suites that do not optimize interactions across the entire supply chain, Manhattan’s Supply Chain Process Platform harnesses information across all supply chain solutions of the Manhattan SCOPE portfolio to provide cross-functional awareness which ensures that changes in one function of the supply chain are transmitted, in real time, to other functions, allowing the entire supply chain to act in concert, as one.

“Gartner finds an emerging best practice we call supply chain execution convergence,” said Dwight Klappich, vice president, Gartner. “SCE convergence is where multiple functions are on a common platform sharing a user interface (UI), data models, syntax and other logic, allowing users to more easily orchestrate and synchronise processes across what have traditionally been functional silos.”

Importantly, the platform-based SCOPE solution portfolio contains a set of tools that allow client project teams to personalize and extend workflows, and adapt the behavior of applications without changing the underlying code.

“Platform Thinking encourages companies to think about the supply chain as an interconnected universe rather than separate solutions designed for specific functions within company processes,” said Steve Smith, senior vice president, EMEA at Manhattan Associates. “Every action, from order processing to distribution to returns management, affects the way the entire supply chain performs - the Supply Chain Process Platform is designed to draw on information from each integrated solution, apply it across the network and deliver improved levels of agility and responsiveness. This gives supply chain executives within our customer organizations what they want and the IT group can be confident they have a technology platform built for the long term and which offers a lower total cost of ownership.”

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