For over 38 years ODW Logistics, Inc. has been a premier provider in the warehousing and transportation solutions industry. We understand that we are only as good as the value we provide our customers. Driving value differentiates us from our competition. And driving value requires talented and committed people. We believe we have that team assembled. We've taken well-trained, great people and built a terrific culture. And our culture is defined by our values: Trust, Team and Balance. In the service business success is defined by our customer's experience with our people.

We don't have a widget to sell other than ourselves. We sell our service and the culture we create drives our customer experience.

And while we're honored to be listed as a Top 100 3PL, proud to be the recipient of many regional and national awards, and frequently quoted in industry trade publications, what matters most to us is exceeding our customers’ expectations.

ODW began searching for a software solution to their daily challenges of expediting multiple shipments for different customers. They found the server platform IBM system i, 3PL WMS and the leading shipping software parcel Varsity Logistics (, to be the partner who could help bring automation and efficiency to the 2,000 orders they were shipping per day. A custom interface was constructed between WDLS and Varsity Shipper which allows seamless integration. The system integrated seamlessly with ODW’s warehouse management system developed by Codeworks. ODW needed a solution that could support their customer’s choices for shipping carriers as it provided a single manifest location with multiple shipping carriers. The Varsity Logistics ShipSoft solution did just that. With the integration to the WDLS, ShipSoft enabled highly automated multi-carrier shipping with in-line weighing, “print and apply” package processing. Packages of many different ODW customers could be shipped accurately and efficiently through the appropriate carrier, while shipping charges could be correctly charged to customers’ accounts. ShipSoft also enabled visibility into shipments to enhance customer service.

ODW has since rolled out the Varsity’s ShipSoft solution to five of its location and increased daily orders to over 30,000, providing a seamless, integrated order-fulfillment and shipping process that can meet the specific requirements of its diverse customers.

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