Munich, 11th November 2009 – Panalpina, one of the world’s leading provider of transport and logistics services, will use ORion-PI® of Axxom Software AG to help its customers in planning and optimizing their supply chain. As part of a new consulting offering Panalpina will model the logistics networks and material flows of its customers with the software and simulate and analyse different scenarios. Thus concrete improvement opportunities in the value-added chain shall be identified.

With the new service offering Panalpina for example wants to help a customer to identify the optimal number and locations of logistics centers, choose the most suitable means of transportation or find the optimal assignment of inventory to different sites. Axxom`s solution ORion-PI® Value Network Optimization is specialised in solving such tasks and offers a holistic optimization approach, which considers all elements and relations in a supply chain – from suppliers to production sites, distribution centers, wholesalers and customers. With Axxom`s proprietary algorithms, ORion-PI® provides an intelligent technology that allows detailed and realistic modelling of the network, even if it consists of hundreds of locations and thousands of customers and products.

Panalpina is one of the world’s leading providers of forwarding and logistics services, specializing in intercontinental air freight and ocean freight shipments and associated supply chain management solutions. Thanks to its in-depth industry knowledge and state-of-the-art IT systems, Panalpina is able to provide globally integrated, door-to-door forwarding solutions tailored to its customers’ individual needs. The Panalpina Group operates a close-knit network with some 500 branches in more than 80 countries. In a further 80 countries, it cooperates closely with partner companies. Panalpina employs about 13,500 people worldwide.

Axxom Software AG
Axxom Software AG is an international provider of software solutions and services for the comprehensive optimization of value-add processes. With its software ORion-PI® the technology company offers a solution for the design, simulation, planning and optimization of all business processes and systems in all fields of logistics. ORion-PI® is in use on five continents in more than 35 countries. Axxom Software AG was founded in April 2001. Since 2004 Axxom has a development center in Timisoara / Romania.

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