MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO – February 20, 2014 – Level One Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc. (PLCI) to the Epay Manager network.

Epay Manager is a web application that integrates with the management and accounting systems of leading transportation providers, to facilitate the exchange of electronic invoices and payments between the provider and its carriers and customers.

PLCI’s management made a decision, more than a year ago, to integrate its systems with Epay, to facilitate its procurement and reporting functions and automate the invoice and settlement process for its U.S. and Canadian based carriers. Management also decided to use Epay’s advanced Document Imaging and Accounts Receivable modules to automate the creation and delivery of its customers’ invoices.

“With Epay, we have a system that allows us to exchange electronic invoices with our carriers, resolve disputes, collect delivery documents and make direct deposits to our carrier’s accounts.  The system also allows us to classify, store and attach documents to invoices it creates and sends to our customers. With Epay, we’ve virtually eliminated the time it takes our staff to audit and pay a carrier’s invoices and create and send a customer’s invoice,” said Adrianne Merritt, Senior Finance Manager of PLCI.

When carriers are added to PLCI’s private network, they no longer create or mail invoices.  Instead, as loads are delivered, PLCI’s management systems send rated transaction data to Epay.  Epay uses this data to create invoices that are automatically emailed to the carriers. To receive payment, carriers are asked to verify the proposed rate and submit delivery documents via fax or upload. 

 “With the implementation of Epay Manager, PLCI’s back offices are now completely electronic. Carriers are no longer required to mail invoices or proof of delivery documents and their payments are no longer delayed by return mail. Instead, carriers are paid by direct deposit and they’re able to manage cash flow by accelerating payments on selected invoices. In addition to modernizing PLCI’s invoice presentment and payment system, Level One customized Epay to automate PLCI’s entire customer invoicing process.  This was accomplished by linking payment data and delivery documents to a corresponding receivable record in Epay and then applying customer specific billing rules, built into the system. After more than a year of planning and integration, we’re excited to announce PLCI, as one of the newest and most technically advanced members of the Epay Manager family”, said Jason Kirkpatrick, Level One’s Director of Operations. 

About Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc. Pepsi Logistics Company is a division of PepsiCo and is based in Plano, TX.    Additional information about PLCI may be found at

About Level One Technologies, Inc. Level One Technologies provides leading transportation providers with innovative, web-based applications that streamline common business practices. Additional information about Level One Technologies may be found at or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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