HOUSTON (September 22, 2009) – International beverage supply-chain leader Satellite Logistics Group of companies (SLG) announced today the introduction of EcoBev™, a national turnkey solution for the collection, destruction and proper documentation of outdated and otherwise unsaleable product for the beverage industry.

EcoBev™ is the first comprehensive national disposal solution that removes the administrative and logistical burden of collecting and disposing of unsaleable beverages. Satellite Logistics Group, a proven leader in beverage logistics and inventor of the Kegspediter™ System, acts as a single, confidential point of contact for distributors, brewers and importers to provide an EPA-compliant method for collection and destruction of unsold product.

“The beverage industry, for a long time, has needed an efficient, economically-friendly solution to disposing of excess beverage products,” said Kevin Brady, president of Satellite Logistics Group. “The EcoBev™ program is truly the industry’s first complete automated solution to this problem. We understand our customer’s needs for efficiency and confidentiality, which is why Satellite Logistics Group takes care of the retrieval and transportation of product to secure and confidential facilities for proper disposal and recycling.”

Proprietary software was created by SLG’s technology team that optimizes the synergies of the Kegspediter™ system. Over 1400 distributors participate in the Kegspediter™ keg retrieval program. The EcoBev™ program, managed in tandum with the Kegspediter™ program, creates greater economies of scale which leads to shorter collection cycles. The distributors benefit by having valuable warehouse space cleared to make space for revenue generating product.

In addition to providing a safe method of excess product disposal, EcoBev™ reduces the expense of “do-it-yourself” disposal (i.e. the transportation and landfill costs associated with throwing it in the dumpster), and offers a solution that captures typically unclaimed federal taxes. The EcoBev™ program is intended for use by all segments of the beverage industry, ranging from national importers and brewers, to independent craft brewers and regional distributors.

The introduction of EcoBev™ accompanies the announcement of Satellite Logistics Group’s other branded offering – LogiTrax™ – a suite of services designed to streamline shipping and freight management for small- to mid-size beverage producers and distributors.

Satellite Logistics Group of companies is an international leader in supply chain management specializing in the beverage industry, and provides integrated solutions to manage all facets of transportation, distribution and warehousing as well as cost-saving reverse logistics solutions or timely material recovery processes. Since its founding in 1984, Satellite Logistics Group provides complete supply chain management services and/or keg retrieval for breweries throughout North America and Europe. For more information about Satellite Logistics Group of companies and the Kegspediter™ System, please visit www.slg.com.

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