March 26, 2013 – Chelmsford, MA, USA and Guildford, UK Seacon Logistics, the Netherlands-based global multi-modal logistics service provider, has successfully rolled out the Kewill Logistics software solution to its new operation in Hungary, in a project taking only six weeks from start to go-live.

As part of its growth strategy, Seacon now operates a new distribution centre (DC) in Budapest, Hungary. The 9,000m2, 3,500 stock-item inventory facility acts as a strategic hub for logistics services to Eastern Europe as well as providing a convenient location for fulfilling value-added logistics services.

A long-time Kewill customer, Seacon uses the Kewill Logistics solution to ensure the smooth handling and execution of transport, warehousing and customs processes throughout its operations, and to deliver visibility. Seacon required a fast rollout of the Warehousing element of Kewill Logistics to the new operation in Hungary, including integration with both RF equipment used by staff to optimise efficiency throughout the DC, and with its clients’ systems to exchange order data electronically.

Key to the success of the fast rollout (users were live on the system within six weeks) was the solution’s configurability, which allows interfaces to be made with third-party systems relatively easily. Kewill Logistics uses open standards to create XML-mappings with clients’ and supply chain partners’ IT systems, allowing Seacon to process large order volumes quickly and efficiently, without re-keying data and introducing the risk of error.

The Kewill Logistics solution is today in use by 250 users across Seacon’s operations in Venlo, Born and Nuth in the Netherlands, Duisburg in Germany, Moscow in Russia and now Budapest in Hungary. Hosted in Seacon’s own data centre in Venlo, it provides real-time management information on Seacon’s entire operations, allowing extensive drill-down of data by customer, by product line and by carrier to enable sophisticated reporting and analysis.

Corné Geerts CEO of Seacon commented, “The most important reason for us continuing to choose Kewill is the flexibility of the software, which is a genuine differentiator. With this project, we have proved the solution can be rolled out very rapidly, in line with our evolving strategy requirements. However on a tactical level, that flexibility also allows us to set up a complete supply chain operation in one day for a new customer, which can make the difference between winning or losing business.”

Evan Puzey, Chief Marketing Officer of Kewill commented, “We are delighted Seacon was able to roll out Kewill Logistics to its new operation within only six weeks. Kewill understands how vital being quick to market is for our logistics customers, and our solutions are designed to deliver flexibility and speed of deployment.”

About Kewill

Kewill is a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions with a focus on multi-modal transportation management for enterprises and logistics service providers to manage the movement of goods and information around the globe.

We deliver innovative software for business-critical global supply chain requirements through our three product suites: Logistics, to support freight forwarding, transport, warehousing and customs compliance; Transportation and Shipping, to enable parcel, LTL, TL and desktop shipping and export trade compliance, and; Business to Business Integration, to drive B2B eCommerce, order management and supply chain integration

Our customers rely on our deep domain knowledge to improve their business processes, exchange information and provide visibility to simplify the management of their supply chains. Established in 1972, Kewill has over 7,000 customers around the world including Seacon Logistics, Gondrand, ITG Global Logistics, VAT Logistics, Itella, Bayer, Black & Decker, DHL, Hankyu Hanshin, Hitachi, Ingersoll Rand, Mothercare, UPS, Scott’s & Co. and TNT.

About Seacon Logistics

Seacon Logistics is the number one logistics chain director with a maritime character. In collaboration with our partners, we offer total logistics solutions based on our worldwide presence in more than 75 countries. Seacon Logistics is leading in applying the multimodal transport concept. Our branches near to inland road, rail and water terminals are the foundations for our worldwide operations. Thanks to these strategically effective hubs, we transport sea containers rapidly, cost-effectively and sustainably from busy ports to almost all significant consumer centres throughout Europe. We offer modern supply chain solutions, customs and warehouse facilities, value-added logistics and dense European distribution.

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