Hubspotter launches Skepr , a cloud based logistics solution for all companies with simple logistics requirements. Most logistics software is tailored to large companies with complex logistics requirements. This makes these solutions too expensive to use for smaller companies with generic logistics needs. Skepr software is a low cost alternative for these smaller companies.

Skepr provides complete visibility of the logistics of your business and works on a management by exception basis. This means Skepr users only focus on what is important. By preventing mistakes and providing timely status updates to all parties involved Skepr makes the logistics process more efficient and less time consuming.

Full visibility from order to delivery

Skepr streamlines order entry processes. It manages inventory, incoming and outgoing shipments and keeps all parties involved up-to-date on milestones. Using Skepr will reduce time and money spent on solving issues and unnecessary communication with customers and suppliers. Skepr is offered on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis and all you need to get started is an internet connection.

Currently Skepr is used by small logistics providers, web-shops, distribution agencies, brands (or agents) and small product manufacturers.

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