Value Added Reseller Partnership  to bring new technologies Germany and Europe.

New Castle, Delaware, May 18, 2009 - Sky-Trax proud to announce its newest Premier Partner Program member and Value Added Reseller (VAR), LogTrek, a division of Dr. Schniz GmbH.

The partnership between Sky-Trax, a technology company specializing in optical technology for precision tracking of vehicles and assets inside warehouses, and LogTrek, a service provider that links process management and simulation techniques, will bring revolutionary warehousing solutions to the areas of materials handling in Munich, Germany and throughout Europe.  As strategic partners, Sky-Trax and LogTrek look forward to sharing new and exciting opportunities for process analysis and improvement.

 “The knowledge in process analysis and improvement that LogTrek offers, coupled with Sky-Trax systems, will change the way companies manage warehouse operations,” said Larry Mahan, President and COO of Sky-Trax.  “Sky-Trax is always looking for ways to improve its products and services thru partnerships with companies whose offerings complement Sky-Trax; LogTrek is one of these partners”.

Dr. Karl Schniz, Managing Director of Dr. Schniz GmbH, looks forward to expanding the consulting firm’s breadth of knowledge, keeping Dr. Schniz in the front of their industry by being an early adopter of Sky-Trax’s revolutionary technology.  “With our new LogTrek division we will combine the unique technology developed by Sky-Trax with our expertise in process optimization.”

The Sky-Trax VAR Premier Partner Program provides companies with a competitive advantage, allowing them to grow, expand, and differentiate their product lines with Sky-Trax solutions.  This distinction positions system resellers, like LogTrek, as industry leaders with optical technology.  The Premier Partner program also presents Sky-Trax and its partners with global distribution channels, stronger reseller relationships, and increased availability of products that are growing in demand.

About Sky-Trax Inc.
Sky-Trax is the inventor and commercial provider of Optical Real-Time Location Systems for tracking goods, vehicles and guiding autonomous vehicles in any size facility. Sky-Trax revolutionary inch-accurate location tracking and automatic data collection systems are designed for indoor industrial vehicles; primarily in warehouses. Applications employing Sky-Trax Optical RTLS are economical and practical to deploy, allowing warehouse professionals to substantially increase safety and improve warehouse efficiency. The results are fewer safety incidents, much lower operating costs, improved inventory accuracy, and greater throughput. For more information, please visit

About Dr. Schniz GmbH / LogTrek
Dr. Schniz GmbH was founded in 1998 and has since then developed a unique profile combining process analysis and optimization with dynamic simulation techniques. The consulting team of Dr. Schniz is focused on optimizing the whole value chain, usually including the optimization of supply chain processes and warehouse activities. The customer base includes leading companies from automotive and pharmaceutical industry.
The new LogTrek division is focused on solutions and services bases on Sky-Trax technology. From the current office in Munich and the New Berlin based office LogTrek covers both the German and neighboring European markets. For more information please visit

Sky-Trax, Inc. Contact:
Sarah Brisbin
Vice President, Marketing
98 Quigley Blvd.
New Castle, DE 19720

Dr. Schniz GmbH / LogTrek
Judith Neumann
Senior Manager Marketing
Wasserburger Landstr. 264
81827 Munich

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