RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Softeon launches 3PL Rapid Deployment suite that saves its 3PL customers setup and configuration time for each industry vertical in which the 3PL operates. Additionally, the suite allows 3PLs to clone customers or sites and use those configurations again with the same customer or at a new site. The rapid deployment tools integrate with Softeon’s cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS). Softeon’s WMS Cloud allows 3PLs to centralize the management of multiple clients and locations with the flexibility of distributed solution deployments.

“Our 3PL Rapid Deployment tools offer our 3PL customers preset configuration templates by industry verticals that can be deployed in under a week’s time. The tools, along with our plug-and-play components available through our WMS Cloud offering, enable our customers to sell more business and onboard that new business quicker. The system can be easily configured site by site and is standardized and repeatable to reduce onboarding and implementation efforts. Customers can integrate faster, deploy faster and add new components faster,” said Dinesh Dongre, vice president of Softeon.

Tailored for 3PLs, Softeon offers a comprehensive 3PL solution that includes warehouse management, distribution, and billing to handle complex supply chain processes across multiple industry verticals. Capabilities include:

  • Customer Accounting: complex billing management, including budget and P&L tool
  • B2C Enhanced: order sourcing, enhanced packaging and rating integration
  • Sales Toolkit: demo models with real-world proof of performance and cost modeling
  • 4-way Portal: integrated visibility and real-time tracking across all supply chain parties


About Softeon

Softeon is a global provider of supply chain solutions from planning through execution. Our modern platform is engineered to reduce complex problems into simple solutions for a faster time to market and lower cost of ownership . Softeon’s 3PL solution ( was designed specifically to support 3PLs. Configurable modules and rules-based solutions give market leaders the business agility they need to get ahead and stay ahead. Companies choose the flexibility and ease-of-use of the Softeon platform to drive business value and accelerate ROI. Deployment options include on-premise or in the cloud. For more information, please visit

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