Progistix Handles Distribution for Bell, Canada’s Largest Telephone and Communications Company.

Hamilton, NJ – October 6, 2009 – Voxware, Inc. (Nasdaq: VOXW), a leading supplier of software for voice-driven warehousing operations, announced that Progistix, a member of SCI Group Inc. and one of Canada’s largest third party solutions providers has implemented the Voxware 3 voice directed picking solution at their customer site, Bell, Canada’s largest telephone and communications company. Voxware 3 is seamlessly integrated with SAP, the warehouse management system in use at the site.

At Progistix, pickers select a variety of small electronic parts, small coils of wire, ladders and fuses, in a batched pick. SAP WM 6.0 clusters these orders together based on order profiles and the warehouse layout. The voice system then directs the picker to select items for the orders and where to place them on rolling carts to correctly fulfill the orders. Voxware 3 uses web services to facilitate this real-time integration with SAP. Exceptions, such as shorts, skips or over picks are handled by Voxware 3. The voice system can also validate handling units with SAP in real-time and send notifications back to the WMS once assignments are complete.

“The implementation at Progistix is a great example of how Voxware can integrate directly with leading WMS vendors such as SAP,” said Scott Yetter, CEO of Voxware. We are certain that the market driven product which we have created will save our customers time and money.”

Since their voice implementation, Progistix has seen an improvement in both productivity and accuracy levels. Current order accuracy rates are at 99.9 percent, which helps the field technicians to be more productive and, in turn, lowers supply chain costs and improves customer service for Bell.

“We’re a company that focuses on developing innovative solutions for our clients that improve performance and eliminate costs. That sets us apart from our competitors,” explains Shari Pedersen, Director of Operations. “With voice, we see efficiency gains over people selecting with RF handheld units. It allows our workers to be more organized overall. Voice creates momentum for the pickers to continually keep them on track and productive,” adds Pedersen. “Employee feedback has also been very positive. Voice users like having their hands free throughout the entire picking process.”

About Progistix

Progistix, established in 1995, designs, implements and operates outsourced solutions for major corporations in Canada and for international companies expanding into the Canadian market. They are a leading third-party logistics partner for companies requiring field service logistics and critical parts network solutions. For more information on Progistix, visit

About Voxware

Voxware, Inc. (NASDAQ: VOXW), provides voice-driven software products that optimize the full spectrum of warehouse operations for greater accuracy, productivity and flexibility in supply chain execution.  Voxware’s corporate headquarters are in Hamilton, New Jersey, with operating offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. Additional information about Voxware can be obtained at

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