Xenos technology delivers a proven Ports solution to establish a direct connection to trading partners

TORONTO – July 07, 2009 – Xenos Group Inc. (TSX: XNS) today announced that Yusen Terminals, an operator of marine cargo terminals in Los Angeles and Oakland, CA, has chosen Xenos Enterprise Server™ (ES) and Xenos terminalONE Transform™ to transmit and receive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) shipping data directly to/from its trading partners. Using Xenos technology, Yusen Terminals can exchange EDI shipping data (e.g., container ship and manifest information) directly with its global trading partners, as well as U.S. Customs, in real time. This eliminates hundreds of thousands dollars in annual costs previously incurred using a value-added network (VAN).

Xenos ES enables staff at Yusen Terminals to extract, transform and reformat trading partner shipping data. Yusen staff use a point-and-click interface to Xenos ES to define the rules for extracting receiving and transforming diverse data in multiple formats from each trading partner. When these rules are established, Xenos ES operates around the clock to automatically process trading partner shipping data. The received data is delivered to Yusen’s back-end IT systems for processing.

With Xenos ES, Yusen detects data and other errors and notifies Yusen staff and the appropriate trading partner in real time so that immediate corrective action can be taken when necessary. Previously, such errors were not detected for days, resulting in costly delays in the loading and unloading of vessels.

“Our operations and business processes need to be built on proven, reliable and easy-to-maintain systems to ensure compliance with evolving customs requirements and deliver a faster time-to-market for our new business partners,” said Patrick Heilig, TOS Manager, Yusen Terminals. "With limited IT resources, we need a solution that is easy to use. Our staff uses Xenos technology to add new trading partners quickly and to mitigate risks, fines or potential closures due to non-compliance of customs regulations – at a fraction of the cost of a VAN."

With its drag-and-drop GUI (graphical user interface), Xenos ES simplifies the process of integrating new trading partners into Yusen’s IT systems. It also eliminates the need for custom code, which is expensive and difficult to maintain and cannot be developed in real time. Xenos ES also helps to alleviate errors by providing immediate notification of problems or delays in shipments.

“Xenos has a track record of successfully delivering solutions to leading transportation companies. We understand the information management challenges that dynamic customers like Yusen Terminals have,” said Stu Butts, President and CEO at Xenos Group Inc. “Xenos ES provides an easy-to-implement, proven solution that reduces costs by cutting out "the middle man" and giving Yusen complete control over the receipt, processing and transmission of trading partner shipping data."

About Xenos Group Inc.
Xenos (TSX:XNS) is the market-leading provider of high-performance software solutions that deliver a superior Return on Information™ by Streamlining Enterprise Information Supply Chains™. The company’s solutions, based on the scalable Xenos Enterprise Server™ and its components, process, extract, transform, repurpose and personalize high volumes of data and documents for storage, real-time access, ePresentment, printing and delivery in numerous formats across multiple channels. By readily repurposing, integrating with and extending the business value of existing technology, infrastructure and business applications, Xenos solutions empower organizations to adapt to changing market demands. They also improve operational efficiency, enhance business processes, reduce risk for compliance management and increase employee productivity with lowered total cost of ownership both for the enterprise and for its customers. Xenos supports Green IT initiatives by empowering organizations to “Reduce Reuse Recycle” information resources. Xenos customers are among the largest organizations worldwide, spanning numerous industries including financial services and insurance. Xenos has offices in Canada , the United States , the United Kingdom and France and a global partner network. For more information, visit www.xenos.com.

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