The top 100 NVOs accounted for 330,956 of the imported TEUs in November. In general, U.S. vessel imports for November fell dramatically from October, so an 11.5% drop in TEUs for the top 100 NVOs is not too shocking. Although, compared to November of last year, the top NVOs decreased a hefty 20%, which is about five points higher than the United States’ total drop in imports. The low November numbers have a lot to do with the import delays caused by Hurricane Sandy on the east coast and labor strikes at ports on the west. These unique circumstances set vessel imports back a ways, so December could be unusually high for TEUs.

Out of the top 100 NVOs, 84% saw a decrease this month and 81% fell from November of 2011. Once again, the top three NVOs for this month are Expeditors International, Blue Anchor Line, and Danmar Lines, all of which saw a double-digit decrease from November of last year. Expeditors, the top NVO for the year, dropped in imports from October by 10.8% and from November of 2011 by 17.2%. Of the top 10 NVOs, Orient Express Container Co, number six on our list, saw the largest drop from November of 2011, falling 30.7%. The only NVO in the top 10 to rise from last year was Schenkerocean Limited by 1.8%. Overall, November generally does not post such low imports and it’s especially rare to see decreases year-over-year so December may be picking up some slack.

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