October TEU imports, for the top 100 Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOs), fell 7.2% from September. This number is fairly consistent with total U.S. imports of TEUs for October, which also fell 7% from last month. Compared with October of 2011, NVO imports are also down 3.9%. This is a unique trend, since every month in 2012, except February, has seen higher imports than 2011. The larger slump in October imports is mostly due to the end of the busy season, which has potentially shifted to earlier in the summer.

Out of the top 100 NVOs, 79% saw a decrease this month and 62% fell from October of 2011. The top three NVOs this month are Expeditors International, Blue Anchor Line and Danmar Lines, all of which saw a decrease in TEUs of over 6% from September. Expeditors, which imports nearly double the amount as Danmar Lines, decreased from October of 2011 by 9.9%. This was the largest decrease in the top ten NVOs from last October. Number 11 on our list, Seamaster Logistics fell, 22.4% from October of 2011 and De Well, ranked 15th, also fell a significant 26.6%. Honour Lane Shipping Limited and Orient Express Container Co, were the only NVOs in the top ten to see an increase this month from September, at a little over 1%. Overall, it’s not a surprise there were fewer imports in October as the year is winding down, though it’s interesting to see a drop from October of 2011.

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About the 3PL News NVO Update
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