'Innovative operations' honored at Global Gateway South marine terminal

Los Angeles, 4 Aug, 2009: Global shipping leader APL today received the Port of Los Angeles' top environmental prize for improving air quality. The world's seventh-largest container carrier, APL received the second annual Clean Air Action Plan Award at a ceremony attended by Southern California maritime and government officials.


In presenting the award, the port hailed "innovative operations and technologies that improve air quality," at APL’s Global Gateway South marine terminal.

"We’ve always believed that global trade growth isn’t possible without responsible environmental management," said Earl Agron, Vice President of Environmental Affairs at APL. "We’re pleased that the Port of Los Angeles agrees with us and has recognized our efforts."

The Clean Air Action Plan Award is the latest in a series of environmental honors presented to APL by the port. In the past year the company has been singled out for using cleaner-burning low sulfur fuel in vessel engines and for a speed reduction program that curbs ship emissions near the California coast.

APL's marine terminal is one of the largest and busiest at the Port of Los Angeles. Opened in 1997, it was designed to minimize exhaust emissions resulting from container handling activities.

The port's award highlighted a number of those design features, which include:

• Twenty-two electronic gantry cranes that take the place of diesel-powered cranes;
• Rail lines that extend to the dock, eliminating thousands of diesel truck trips each week; and
• More than 600 electrical plugs to avoid the use of diesel generators in cooling refrigerated cargo.

The port also hailed APL's efforts to upgrade equipment in its container yard. The company has spent nearly $1 million to install new engines in 195 container-hauling tractors.

At sea, APL was recognized for engine modifications that have curbed vessel exhaust emissions. These include new valves to reduce fuel leaks and a new lubrication system.

The technologies help burn fuel more efficiently and regulate oil use. The result is a reduction in emissions that can pollute the air.

According to the award citation, APL has also coated the hulls of 42 vessels with silicon paint. This has reduced vessel drag and cut fuel burn by 7%, further reducing emissions.

About APL
APL is a global container shipping business offering more than 60 weekly services and more than 500 calls at more than 140 ports worldwide. It combines world-class intermodal operations with leading-edge IT and e-commerce. APL is a unit of Singapore-based Neptune Orient Lines (NOL), global shipping, logistics and marine terminals company. APL Web site: www.apl.com

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