06-14-2010 - The port of Rotterdam has been voted best port in Europe for the twenty-fourth time in succession by the readers of the magaz­ine Cargonews Asia. Moreover, ECT was chosen as Europe’s best container terminal. The corresponding Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards are considered to be highly prestigious in Asia. This is particularly due to the fact that they are awarded by the users of logistic services.


Rotterdam is by far the most important European port for cargo from and to Asia. In 2008 this trade showed strong growth. Asia exports to Rotterdam were 49 million tons (+7 million tons) and eastbound 30 million tons (stable) were shipped. The market share of Asia in Rotterdam’s total is 19% (2006: 18%).

Trade includes all possible goods: crude oil, fuels, minerals, coal and cokes, agricultural products, palm oil, waste paper and other recyclables, machinery, cars, much chemicals and very large amounts of (containerized) general cargo. Since 1995 Asia is the most important shipping area for the Rot­terdam container port, with 4.8 million TEUs in 2008, representing a share of 45% in the Rotterdam total. 

Asian Freight & Supply Chain Award

The Asian Freight & Supply Chain Award has been presented for the twenty-fourth time by Cargonews Asia. This Hong Kong magazine is published once a fortnight. It  has a circulation of over 12,000 and is one of the most authoritative media, also via internet, in the Far East when it comes to transport and logistics.

From: The Port of Rotterdam

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