In September 2008, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) initiated an ambitious and unique project to tell the story of international trade and globalization by tracking a standard shipping container around the world for about a year. On April 28, that container, which the BBC calls “the Box,” arrived in Yokohama aboard NYK Clara.

The Container Shipping Information Service (CSIS)* is working in collaboration with the BBC on this project, and NYK, as a member of the CSIS, carried the Box on this leg from Santos, Brazil, to Yokohama. Last year, the Box began its voyage from Southampton, U.K., and has since traveled to a number of countries around the world. On this particular journey, the Box arrived in Yokohama filled with foodstuffs. The Box will continue on its way once NYK determines the next shipper for it.

*CSIS: The Container Shipping Information Service (CSIS) is an organization formed in 2007 comprising 23 of the largest container shipping companies across the world. The CSIS was formed to give the global container shipping industry a voice with which to communicate with the world. Website:

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