On 8 June 2009, China COSCO Holdings Company Limited, a leading global provider of integrated shipping and logistics services, won the "Credible Conglomerate Award" of 2009.

The award was granted by China Enterprise Reputation and Credibility Association (Overseas) and Institute of Reputation (China) in recognition of Chinese enterprises' efforts to maintain their integrity and high standard of practices which have made them reputable and credible. Captain Wei Jiafu, Chairman of China COSCO received the award on behalf of his company and delivered a keynote speech at the award presentation ceremony. Over 300 guests, including Dr. Pan Shaohua, President of Institute of Reputation (China) and Professor Timothy W. Tong, President of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, from reputable enterprises and professional institutions were present.

Captain Wei said, "The award of credibility accreditation is not only the recognition of our advancement of overall competitiveness, but also our endeavour to adopt outstanding practice and high standards in global business development, corporate governance, capital market operation and corporate social responsibilities."

The selection committee of Credible Enterprises Accreditation commented, "China COSCO wins the Credible Conglomerate Award because it excels in various aspects such as reputation and credibility, corporate governance and business operation."

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