August 27, 2009 - CKYH Alliance (Coscon, “K”LINE, Yang Ming, Hanjin Shipping) and Evergreen Line have announced today that they will be launching a new service in the U.S. East Coast – North West Europe trade effective end of September 2009.

Named TAE (Trans Atlantic Express), this new service is a combination of two existing lanes operated by CKYH Alliance and Evergreen Line; TAS1 (Trans Atlantic Service Loop 1) by CKYH and NUE (North Asia – U.S. East Coast – European Pendulum) by Evergreen Line.

TAE service will operate with a total of four vessels (loadable capacity around 2400TEU) with CKYH jointly deploying two vessels and two vessels for Evergreen Line.

The port rotation is as follows:

Antwerp – Bremerhaven – Rotterdam – Le Havre – New York – Norfolk – Charleston – Antwerp

CKYH believes combining these two services will bring more the opportunity to assure our customers have quality service.

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