In a continued effort to provide its customers with the same reliable and efficient services to which they are accustomed, the CMA CGM Group has decided to restore freight rates between India/Pakistan and Europe to a sustainable level. New rate increases will apply to all cargo and commodities moving westbound and eastbound between India, Pakistan, Europe and the Mediterranean, effective October 1, 2009. The increase quantum will be as follows:

WB from India/Pakistan to Europe and the Mediterranean:

+USD 250 per 20’ dry container
+USD 400 per 40’/40’ High Cube
Over weight surcharge > 23 tons (Incl. tare) : +USD 150 per 20’ dry

EB from Europe and the Mediterranean to India/Pakistan:

+USD 150 per 20’dry container,
+USD 300 per 40’/40’ High Cube 

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