On Sept. 6th, the luxurious passenger-cargo ship "COSCO Star" successfully finished its maiden voyage from Xiamen to Taichung, Taiwan Province. The event indicates that COSCO has successfully opened the first cross-strait regular direct passenger service from the mainland.

The ship is operated by COSCO Xiamen, a subsidiary company of COSCO Group. It is by far the largest and the most luxurious passenger-cargo vessel servicing between Taiwan Strait. It could accommodate 683 passengers and 256 TEUs (including 85 reefers), together with 150 vehicles. At this stage, COSCO provides weekly service. 

This new service is a breakthrough in cross-strait shipping and also a pioneering work to accelerate the construction of Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Strait. It will enhance the industrial cooperation and cultural exchange between Taiwan Strait and facilitate contacts and associations between peoples of these two regions.

China COSCO Won Awards for Company Governance
On Sept. 3rd, Mr. Chen Hongsheng, the President of China COSCO Holdings Co., Ltd., was awarded "China Top-10 Best Entrepreneur 2009" by China Enterprise Confederation - China Enterprise News Publishing Agency. One day later, China COSCO Holdings Co., Ltd. was crowned with another two awards "China Listed Company Best Board Governance 2009" and "China Listed Company Best Board Secretary 2009" issued by the program of "China Listed Company Best Board Evaluation 2009".

The above two evaluation programs were held by China Enterprise Confederation-China Enterprise News Publishing Agency and Moneyweek-"CCTV Securities Channel" respectively. With its excellent performance, China COSCO again, was highly recognized in its corporate development, governance, and compliance.

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