On May 6th, 2009, COSCO's new-type semi-submersible ship Kang Sheng Kou succeeded in the integral installation of CSP-1 Oil Platform with her well equipped Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) in the United Arab Emirates' Umm Shaif field located at the middle southern Persian Gulf. This is the third time for M.V. Kang Sheng Kou to succeed in the integral installation of such gigantic offshore oil platform by DPS ever since her operation and is also the fifth time for COSCO?s new-type semi-submersible ships to successfully install such units.

According to the plan, COSCO's semi-submersible ships will complete another four DPS installation projects in the Persian Gulf sea areas this year. Looking into the future, with the development of COSCO's semi-submersible transport and installation business, COSCO's 'DPS Integral Installation'  of gigantic offshore oil platforms will enjoy a bright prospect at every corner of the global sea areas including the Persian Gulf.

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