April 18, 2012 - NYK will resume the volunteer activities it began last year in the area devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and ensuing tsunami. As was done last year, teams of volunteers consisting of NYK Group employees, board members, and former employees of the company will travel to the area each week to assist in the recovery of the area.

Last year from October to December, NYK sent 120 volunteers to Rikuzentakata city in Iwate prefecture to assist in activities most needed by the area, such as the removal of mud and debris, and cleaning up the area’s farms. 
This year, the first team will arrive in Rikuzentakata city on April 18, and over the ensuing three months teams of volunteers will help in ways that best meet the devastated area’s needs.
NYK will continue its efforts to support those in need to fulfill the group’s commitment to remaining a socially responsible corporation.
*Action area: Rikuzentakata city, Iwate prefecture
*Working period: From April 18 to July 1
*Activity details: Activities meeting the needs of a volunteer center established by the Rikuzentakata city Social Welfare Council (e.g., removal of mud and debris, and cleaning up the area’s farms)
*Volunteers: Teams of six volunteers; about 60 total participants, each donating 4 nights, 5 days of time, per week

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