Carrier Transicold PrimeLINE® Units Provide Special “EDGE” For Hamburg Süd Refrigerated Container Fleet Expansion

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Nov. 20, 2013 – Hamburg Süd, one of the top refrigerated container carriers worldwide, has ordered 6,500 new containers equipped with Carrier Transicold’s PrimeLINE® refrigeration unit featuring the new energy efficiency-boosting EDGE technology option. Carrier Transicold helps improve global transport and shipping of temperature-controlled cargoes with a complete line of equipment for refrigerated trucks, trailers and containers, and is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

EDGE, which stands for Enhanced Digital for Greater Efficiency, includes a set of design enhancements that improve on the industry-leading PrimeLINE unit’s track record for energy efficiency. The EDGE option reduces energy consumption for perishable cargoes by 20 percent compared to a standard PrimeLINE unit in normal operation.

“With a proportionately large investment in refrigerated containers, Hamburg Süd was eager to work with Carrier Transicold on ways to further push the PrimeLINE unit’s boundaries of efficiency, which already has a reputation for high energy savings as well as best-in-class refrigeration performance,” said Chiou Fun Sin, president, Global Container Refrigeration, Carrier Transicold. “The resulting EDGE technology delivers energy savings surpassing competitive equipment by a considerable margin.”

Hamburg Süd also worked with Carrier Transicold on the development of performance optimization software that provides energy savings beyond that provided by EDGE technology enhancements, while also maintaining narrow temperature-control tolerances for carrying perishable cargo. The software is included with the new Hamburg Süd units, which are being installed on 20- and 40-foot high-cube containers being used for fleet replacement and expansion.

“Over the past several years, the PrimeLINE unit has made an increasingly important contribution to our sustainability initiatives,” said Frank Smet, member of the Executive Board, Hamburg Süd. “The efficiency improvements provided by PrimeLINE with EDGE technology are consistent with our philosophy on stewardship, which compels us to continuously improve our fleet operations for the good of the environment. With the EDGE technology advantage, less fuel consumed for shipboard energy production to operate our refrigeration units will translate into reduced carbon emissions from power generation.”

EDGE technology includes the following design enhancements over standard PrimeLINE units:
- Digital scroll compressor optimization – providing both digital loading and unloading and other enhancements that reduce energy demand
- Two-speed condenser motor – enabling operation at low speed during lighter load conditions
- Refined evaporator fan geometry – providing optimized air flow via an enhanced fan profile and fine-tuned blade pitch

“When Carrier Transicold introduced the PrimeLINE unit six years ago, its energy-saving design quickly gained wide acceptance by the industry, vaulting it to its present leadership position,” said Kartik Kumar, director, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Global Container Refrigeration, Carrier Transicold. “The PrimeLINE unit also excels in delivering outstanding refrigeration capacity, pulldown performance, unwavering ability to maintain temperature, low relative humidity and air flow delivery. And now, with the EDGE technology option, it provides even greater efficiency in an easy-to-use, familiar package.”

As a premium option for PrimeLINE units only, EDGE technology will be broadly available in 2014, and can be specified with or without the new performance optimization software. For more information about the PrimeLINE unit, turn to the experts at Carrier Transicold, or visit

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Carrier Transicold helps improve transport and shipping of temperature-controlled cargoes with a complete line of equipment and services for refrigerated transport and cold chain visibility. For more than 40 years, Carrier Transicold has been an industry leader, providing customers around the world with the most advanced, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable container refrigeration systems and generator sets, direct-drive and diesel truck units and trailer refrigeration systems. Carrier Transicold is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. Visit for more information. Follow us on Twitter: @CarrierGreen.


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