Hanjin Shipping is pleased to announce the launch of a new direct service between Busan, Shanghai and Haiphong starting from the beginning of June. HES (Haiphong Express Service) is a weekly service running between Busan, Shanghai and Haiphong with 2 of 600 TEU class ships, 1 deployed by Hanjin Shipping and the other by Sinotrans.

Hanjin Shipping comments that this new service will allow them to transport cargo from Vietnam to the U.S. 2-3 days faster than usual through major transshipment ports such as Busan and Shanghai. Also, the company believes that the deployment of its ship will provide them with more stable vessel space during the peak season.

Meanwhile, in consideration of the rapid growth of the Vietnamese local economy, Hanjin Shipping is trying to expand its business in the region with the launch of HES (Haiphong Express Service) in addition to the existing direct services to Ho Chi Minh.

Hanjin Shipping adds that it will continue to extend the scope of its service network in Asia so as to satisfy its customers’ needs.

HES (Haiphong Express Service)

- Port Rotation: Busan (New Port/Gamman – Shanghai – Haiphong – Shanghai – Busan (New Port/Gamman)

- Vessel Deployed: 600TEU X 2 (Hanjin Shipping X 1, Sinotrans X 1)

- Target Date of Launch: June 6th, 2009 (ETD Busan, subject to schedule)

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