Hanjin Shipping is pleased to introduce a new advanced tool that calculates CO2 emission of container cargoes. Being the first among other shipping carriers to introduce an advanced web-based carbon calculator, Hanjin Shipping will be launching the tool on the company’s website as of December 23rd, 2009.

With this “Supply Chain Carbon Calculator” customers can calculate the amount of CO2 emission of their cargo per transportation segment and in total by simply logging into the website and inputting the origin/destination/weight of their shipment.

This new technology was developed according to the guidance provided by CCWG (Clean Cargo Working Group) and verified by Korean Register.

Hanjin Shipping reveals that in addition to this “Supply Chain Carbon Calculator”, the company also developed “GHG (Green House Gas) Monitoring System”, which calculates and manages the amount of the company’s GHG (Green House Gas) emission. With these two distinctive tools, Hanjin Shipping believes that it will contribute to the global efforts to cope with climate changes and save costs by improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emission of the company’s vessels and logistics facilities.

Meanwhile, back in July Hanjin Shipping organized a Green Management Team within the company as part of its efforts to improve energy efficiency and to reduce CO2 emission by 15% until 2015.

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