On October 13, NYK activated the Japan part of a new worldwide system that will allow the company to better control the schedules and costs of its fleet of PCC (pure car carrier)/Ro-Ro vessels. Some of the functions of this system had already been activated in Europe and parts of Asia and will eventually be expanded to cover 230 sites around the world by April 2010. 

The system, known by the acronym PRESTO for Pcc Roro Enhanced System for Total Operation, will cover the worldwide NYK PCC business, allowing for better control of schedules, costs, and eventually B/L documentation control. Before the introduction of PRESTO, each region operated its own system.
This project has several phases in development and activation. The first phase, which is expected to be completed by April 2010, will bring the schedule control, cost control, and space charter cost/revenue control functions into activation. After this phase, other functions, such as freight and B/L documentation control, will be added. This system will allow for greater standardization and improved efficiency, thus providing faster, cost-effective service for our clients.
NYK will continue its efforts to provide quality services to customers through the rationalization of the company’s global systems.

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