An NYK Group CO2 e-calculator* has been developed with the cooperation of Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. and made available on group websites** from October 17. The CO2 e-calculator, a first for a Japanese shipping company, calculates the approximate amount of CO2 emitted during cargo transport by a containership or airfreighter. The NYK Group CO2 e-calculator has also received third-party verification from LRQA Japan*** to certify its accuracy.

NYK had previously responded individually to inquiries from customers regarding data, especially CO2 emissions, on the environmental impact of cargo transport. However, as more attention is given to carbon footprints,**** the group decided to develop a tool that could allow end users to easily conduct these calculations themselves. After studying approaches by other companies, an e-calculator interface was developed, and given that most inquiries come from outside Japan, the interface was created in English, thus allowing the group to now easily respond to queries from around the world.
Moreover, by making the e-calculator available on group websites, a wide range of users can become more informed about the impact of cargo transport on their carbon footprints. In fact, the e-calculator is also equipped with a function that enables CO2 emissions data to be downloaded.
The major functions of the NYK Group CO2 e-calculator are provided below.
1. Applicable to cargo transport by containerships and international airfreighters
+       The e-calculator can be used to determine CO2 emissions from cargo transport by not only containerships but also airfreighters, and can estimate the emissions throughout an entire cargo transport route, from loading to unloading.
2. Applicable to inland transport from the place of cargo acceptance to the delivery destination
+         The e-calculator can also be used to determine CO2 emissions for inland transport by truck and rail (only in China and North America) from the place of cargo acceptance to the delivery destination.
+        As the letters of the place of acceptance or the destination are input, possible locations (port, airport, place of acceptance, or destination) are then listed, from which users can choose the one that applies.
3. Calculated results can be downloaded
+         Users can download the name of places of acceptance and destination as well as the calculated data for CO2 emissions.
The NYK GROUP CO2 e-calculator has received third-party verification from LRQA Japan to certify its accuracy.
The NYK Group will continue to make efforts for environmental conservation and to be proactively involved in the realization of a sustainable society.
The system can be accessed through the web link below.
* The “e” in the NYK Group CO2 e-calculator stands for both “electronic” and “emissions.”
**The e-calculator is available on the websites of NYK Container Line Ltd., and NYK Line.
***LRQA stands for “Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.” LRQA Japan is an independent organization in Japan for certification and verification.
****A carbon footprint generally represents the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions released throughout a product’s life cycle from manufacture/creation to sale and then to use/disposal. The carbon footprint originates from the ecological footprint concept proposed in the 1990s, and is defined as a “footprint on the earth's environment caused by human activities through greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.”

From: NYK

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