June 16, 2011 - In early July, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) and Hanjin Shipping (HJS) will launch a new joint service, the Far East Middle East Express (FMX) service.

The FMX service will be operated by six 6,200–6,500 TEU vessels. NYK will deploy one vessel and HJS will deploy five vessels for this new joint service. The first sailing will be NYK Aquarius on July 7, 2011, from the port of Pusan.

The ports of call for the 42-day rotation will be as follows: Pusan (Thu/Fri) – Kwangyang (Fri/Sat) – Shanghai (Mon/Mon) – Ningbo (Tue/Wed) – Yantian (Fri/Fri) – Singapore (Tue/Tue) – Colombo (Sat/Sun) – Jebel Ali (Thu/Fri) – Dammam (Sat/Sat) – Bandar Abbas (Mon/Mon) – Karachi (Wed/Thu) – Port Klang (Wed/Wed) – Singapore (Thu/Fri) – Pusan (Thu/Fri).
Calling ports and positions are subject to change.
The FMX will not only provide an express service from Korea and China to the Middle East but also strengthen the service network from the Far East and East Asian countries to the Middle East via Singapore.

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