NYK Announces New Service between Asia and Honolulu, Hawaii

April 11, 2012 - In continuation of our ongoing commitment to the Hawaiian market, NYK is pleased to announce the start of a new direct service linking Asia with Honolulu from early May 2012.

The details of our new AHX (Asia Hawaii Express) service are as follows:
* Port Rotation:
Shanghai – Pusan – Yokohama – Honolulu – Yokohama – Shanghai

31 days round, 3 x 700 TEU Nominal vessels, every 10 days
* The first sailing will depart from Shanghai on May 5, 2012.

All other ports in Asia (i.e., those in Hong Kong, south China, north China, and Southeast Asia) will connect to this service in Shanghai or Pusan using our own feeder network for quick transit and secure transshipment.

Our direct call to Honolulu through the ALEX-2 service will be terminated toward the end of April as NYK opens this new AHX service.
(see separate press release, http://www.nyk.com/english/release/1964/NE_120411.html)

NYK will continue to make every effort to be of assistance to those seeking business opportunities within the Hawaiian market.

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NYK Announces Upgrade of ALEX (Asia Latin America Express) Service

April 11, 2012 - NYK is pleased to announce the upgrade of our ALEX (Asia Latin America Express) service linking Asia with Mexico and the west coast of South America.

The new ALEX service will consolidate our current ALEX-1 and ALEX-2 loops into one single loop as follows:

<ALEX> 77 Days Round, 11 x 5,600 – 6,500 TEU Nominal Vessels, Weekly Service
Port Rotation: Keelung – Hong Kong – Da Chan Bay – Xiamen – Shanghai – Ningbo – Pusan – Manzanillo – Callao – Iquique – Valparaiso – Lirquen – Callao – Manzanillo – Tokyo – Keelung

The first sailing will depart from Keelung on April 26, 2012.

The ports of Honolulu, Buenaventura, and Guayaquil, which were part of ALEX-2, will now be served through new services of ours.

Buenaventura and Guayaquil will be a part of our new MSX (Mexico South America Express) service with transshipment in Manzanillo (Mexico) and Callao. The details of this shuttle service are as follows:

<MSX> 21 Days Round, 3 x 2,100 TEU Nominal Vessels, Weekly Service
Port Rotation: Manzanillo – Buenaventura – Callao – Guayaquil – Manzanillo

The first sailing will depart from Manzanillo on May 26, 2012.

Honolulu will be served by our new AHX (Asia Hawaii Express) service. A separate press release (http://www.nyk.com/english/release/1964/NE_120411_2.html) contains information about service details.

Additionally, shipments linking Asia with the west coast of Central America will continue to be offered through our MAREX-Neo service via transshipment in Manzanillo (Mexico).

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