NYK recently received the Logistics Environmental Grand Prize from the Japan Federation of Freight Industries.

This prize was instituted in 2000 with a view to commending organizations, corporations and individuals for serving to promote the protection of the environment and enhance an environment consciousness in the sphere of logistics and thereby contributing to the sound development of logistics.

NYK was awarded the 10th annual prize in recognition of two of its activities, namely (1) to begin an experiment utilizing solar energy partially for (approximately 0.3 percent of total power) a ship’s propulsion system on a car carrier with solar panels capable of generating a total of 40 kW electricity, and (2) to plan to develop and order a car carrier targeting approximately 50% energy efficiency improvement by 2010.
To verify that the electric power supply can be maintained in the hard conditions of actual navigation, the system has been examined for its endurance against saltwater damage, wind pressure, and constant vibrations, and for its mix of solar power and ship-generated power. NYK will develop and order energy-conserving vessels that will improve approximately 50% energy efficiency by 2010.
NYK will continue its efforts to realize a sustainable society through activities related to conservation of the global environment and the development of environmental technologies.

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