December 15, 2009 - Al Jasra, a 69,549 DWT LNG carrier managed by NYK LNG Shipmanagement, took part in a joint piracy-response drill that was conducted with the Japan Coast Guard and other related parties on December 10.

The drill scenario was carried out as follows:
1)      Al Jasra was chased by a suspicious speedboat on the high seas south of Miyako Island. Al Jasra activated its Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) and contacted the Japan Coast Guard and NYK LNG Shipmanagement, the company managing the ship.

2)      The Japan Coast Guard instructed Hayato, the closest patrol ship, to go immediately to the scene and to secure the safety of Al Jasra.

3)      Al Jasra made evasive maneuvers, but the suspicious speedboat remained a threat, so the helicopter on Hayato was used to patrol the area and ensure the safety of Al Jasra, its crew, and the high seas around the area. Once safety was confirmed, reports of such were made to related parties.
NYK and NYK LNG Shipmanagement set up a joint Crisis Management Center in response to the SSAS by Al Jasra. The Japan Coast Guard, the International Shipping Division of the Maritime Bureau at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the Japanese Shipowners’ Association took part in this drill and reviewed the role of each in case of a pirate attack.
The NYK Group will continue to conduct joint drills with related parties, such as the coast guard and relevant government parties, to prepare for emergencies such as piracy.

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