January 16, 2012 - NYK Group South Asia Pte. Ltd. (NGSA) and NYK Bulkship (Asia) Pte. Ltd. (Bulkship Asia) signed the Maritime Singapore Green Pledge. The Green Pledge is an initiative of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore through which maritime organizations pledge their commitment to promote and support clean and green shipping in Singapore.

A signing of the Green Pledge was held on January 12 and attended by Ministry of Transport permanent secretary Choi Shing Kwok, MPA chairman Lucien Wong, MPA chief executive Lam Yi Young, and representatives from 15 leading maritime organizations.
NGSA and Bulkship Asia were represented by NGSA chairman Kunihiko Miyoshi and Bulkship Asia managing director Noriaki Tajima.
The MPA launched the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative on April 12, 2011, seeking to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and related activities as well as to promote clean and green shipping in Singapore. The initiative comprises three programs — “Green Ship,” “Green Port,” and “Green Technology.”
In this signing ceremony, three tankers owned by Bulkship Asia — Challenge Premier, Challenge Paragon, and Challenge Polaris — were recognized in the MPA’s Green Ship Program for the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI)1 certification in December, and accorded the MPA’s Green Ship Certificate.
The NYK Group aims, through safe and dependable transport, to contribute to the betterment of societies throughout the world as a comprehensive global-logistics enterprise offering ocean, land, and air transport services. As a good corporate citizen, we take on tough issues that challenge our business such as concerns involving the preservation of our natural environment, as we work for the betterment of the world that we inhabit.
1A formula for measuring a ship’s CO2 emissions. The EEDI is calculated using characteristics of the ship at build, incorporating parameters that include ship capacity, engine power, and fuel consumption.


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