July 15, 2010 - NYK has issued the 2010 edition of its annual report (letter size, total 109 pages, full color).

The report, titled ”Navigating the Way Forward,” addresses how the NYK Group should respond to adversities amid the challenging economic environment that has prevailed since the autumn of 2008, and how the company should leap forward following a recovery of the market.   

This year’s edition begins with an explanation of the NYK Group’s management policy centering around the company’s medium-term management plan, New Horizon 2010, which was revised last October. In particular, a defensive strategy targeting a thorough cost reduction and strengthening the foundation of the company’s operations is detailed in addition to an offensive strategy targeting the strengthening of the company’s growth sectors.
In a special feature, specific efforts by the NYK Group for comprehensive logistics services in growing markets, such as China and India’s rapidly developing automobile markets, are highlighted, including the land transport of finished automobiles using car carriers throughout a country and the development of Ro-Ro terminals that will be the infrastructure base of exports. In addition, efforts for safety and attention to environmental issues for sustainable growth are highlighted.
Moreover, in the section on sales and marketing overview, each director provides additional details about business strategy.
The report can be accessed through the web link below.
If you would like to have a physical copy of the report, please use the web link below to request a copy.

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