From June 3 through June 30, the NYK Group conducted a campaign to encourage donations from its employees and directors to NPO groups recommended by the Japan Philanthropic Association (JPA;, an association that has been active since 1991 promoting social contribution activities that allow corporations to fulfill their responsibilities to society. The donations were then matched by the company, resulting in a sum total of 1.4 million yen for the NPOs.

The JPA pools contributions from a variety of companies and their employees, and then donates the entrusted contributions to selected NPOs. The unique feature of the system established by the JPA is that it encourages collaboration between the company and its employees and helps build strong, trusting relationships between donors and recipients. Events are sponsored so that donors and recipients can learn more about each other, and once a donation is made, periodic reports are provided about how the contributions are being utilized.
This year, three organizations—Nishiwaki Kikin, the Carillon Child Center, and the Childline Support Center—were highlighted. NYK introduced these organizations to employees by first putting information about them on the company’s in-house bulletin board and then inviting the organizations to the NYK head office so that employees could get to know even more about the activities of these NPOs.
NYK began making use of this donation framework, called “NYK Heartful Donations,” in February 2008 and will continue to provide support to organizations tackling issues for the benefit of society.
Supporting Organizations
Nishiwaki Kikin supports students who have been in foster care.
The Carillon Child Center operates an emergency shelter, providing legal and welfare support for those who have no other place to go.
The Childline Support Center operates a free 24-hour counseling service for children and young people up through age 18.

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