Earlier this year, NYK created a vessel operations meister program to encourage a continual improvement in professional skills among the company’s employees and a greater emphasis on safety and efficiency. On July 30, the company held an awards ceremony to recognize the program’s first recipients.

The program has four categories—silver, gold, platinum, and meister—and applicants gain recognition by meeting required conditions in the areas of knowledge, training, and experience. The program is very focused on its leaning process and qualification can be gained through training program such as onboard training and testing.

During this first year, applicants—who varied in gender, age, and condition of employment—could gain recognition in the silver and gold categories. After fulfilling the necessary training, passing the required tests, and receiving recommendations from their supervisors, 35 employees were eventually honored, 16 (seven men and nine women) in the silver category and 19 (eight men and eleven women) in the gold.
“The qualification itself should not be your final goal,” emphasized NYK director and managing corporate officer Naoya Tazawa. “We now challenge you to utilize the skill and experiences you have gained to further enhance our services.”
This program will soon expand to four categories, and employees at Japanese companies within the NYK Group will become eligible as NYK continues its efforts to provide better service through enhanced operational quality.

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