On October 2, a delivery ceremony was held at NYK’s head office in the Marunouchi area of Tokyo for two recently purchased i-MiEVs (i-MiEV: Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle), environment-friendly electric vehicles produced by the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. The two vehicles were painted an aurora blue to match the color used on NYK’s pure car carriers.

The new vehicles will not only emit far less CO2 but also save on costs. One of the cars will be used to deliver mail from the head office to NYK Group companies in Tokyo, and the other will be used by employees at the Yokohama branch office for visits to vessels at the port nearby. The switch to these EVs was made after carefully examining expected mileage and their ability to fully charge overnight.

Next year, NYK has plans to purchase another EV for use at an NYK Group company and will continue to examine further possible opportunities to introduce more EVs within NYK and NYK Group companies.

Since September 2008, the NYK headquarters’ basement parking lot has been equipped with an EV charger as part of an experiment to encourage zero-emission transportation in the Marunouchi area, and the EV to be used for mail delivery between the head office and NYK Group companies will be charged using this device.
And until the end of November, NYK will be allowing employees to ride along in the EV that will be used for mail delivery so that they can become more familiar with this innovative new vehicle.

NYK will continue its efforts to contribute to the betterment of our environment.


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